Love doing art suggestion!

Some suggestion of my art…I love the relationships between art and design, loving create atmosphere.😊

If you like some of my art prints but you’re not sure how they look like in your space, we can provide you a specific suggestion based on your room. Follow these simple steps:

1. Make a list of your print selection.

2. Take a good picture of your wall with your phone.

3. Send to us by email your list with the print selection and the picture of your wall at this address:

More info on the my shop online mp artstudio

Geo Pop Collection

From digital studies to the first oil painting, this geometric shapes pushing me in a new direction. Find solutions about chromatic relationship balancing the form. Intrigued by the palette.

ARTE PADOVA 2019 15-18/11

ArtePadova 2019 – Contemporary Art Talent Show 15-18/11

Monica Piazzetta – STAND 76

OPENING 14/11 18:00


Acrylic Painting and Digital Painting

Woman Portraits

I love do woman portraits, most are self portrait. I am obsessed by human figure


Self portrait for my Diptych Sisters 

In questo autoritratto eseguito nel 2018, ho voluto decentrare il soggetto rispetto alla classica posizione per conferire un‘attitudine contemporanea al dipinto. La palette colori usata per contrasto, rimanda alla classicità.

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Abstract vs Figurative

I love work with oil and knife, the contours of the figure are so smudged and blurred, they give the perception of abstraction. Moreover, the eye can go all over the painting seeing almost all the levels underneath. Lovely

Mi piace lavorare la pittura ad olio con la spatola. Mi aiuta ad astrarre la figura, i suoi contorni risultano poco definiti e integrati nello sfondo. Inoltre si possono vedere quasi tutti i livelli di pittura sottostanti. Adoroabstractpainting

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