Ritratto di Famiglia

fam in studio

Acrylic on Cardboard cm 97 x 232

This multi-paneled artwork showed in the collective exhibition Inclusioni – Passaggi artistici 9 in Padova Town (Italy) in September 2018.

The Original Family is a perfect example of inclusion.
The Family is the first collective form of individuals that,
through the assumption of roles, pursues goals,
spreading experience, knowledge and fundamental values
as: love, respect, compassion, passion, sharing and
sociality. Portrait of parents, children and sisterhood, through one figurative representation that emphasizes an assonance
formal. The differences in the substantial personal characteristics they are represented by the use of color and motifs decorative. To include, means to welcome, to form,
empower, give a role and share goals. This eventually determines the assonance and similarity, this nevertheless diversity can be cohabiting as forces proactive for the exchange and the relationship.

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